Chemistry death mixes

What are your favourite chemistry death mix? Mine is leroxin, phlosigton, and mute toxin

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following for future antag rounds

50u nitroglycerin


If your so robust at getting lethal injection syringes, how do you bumrush it?

20 chicken nugget and vanilla milkshake

80u of mercury.

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2 Grenades, Set Them To A Signaller So They Blow Up At Same Time :]

  1. Beaker 1, 1/2 RDX 1/2 Fluorosurfactant
    Beaker 2, 1/2 RDX 1/2 Water

  2. Beaker 1, 1/3 Phosphorus 2/3 Teslium
    Beaker 2, 1/3 Potassium 1/3 Sugar 1/3 Teslium


Simpler Mix

Beaker 1, 1/2 Fluorosurfactant 1/2 Gunpowder
Beaker 2, 1/4 Napalm 1/4 Phlogiston 2/4 Water


Brain Death Grenade

Beaker 1, Impedrezene 1/2 Crank 1/2
Beaker 2, Mercury 1/2 Smoke 1/2 [Phosphorus, Potassium, Sugar In Equal Quantity]

Might Be A Better Thing To Replace Mercury, But I Can’t Be Fucked To Find It Rn

This Grenade Rots People’s Brains

Edit: Replace The Mercury With Fentanyl


You can attach a signaller igniter assembly to the handheld plasma cans that spawn roundstart in science and engi for a good plasma nade

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