Chickens3454 ban appeal

Byond Account: chickens3454
Character Name(s):Amine Shevel 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Big floopa57
Round ID of Ban: 17929

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): killed clown with harm baton as detective
State your appeal: after my ban I have relentlessly did everything I could to better understand space law and the server rules that come with the power of being security, I have thought about my actions and greatly regret my actions. With my 71h living playtime I can know see how being a shitsec ruins the fun of others on the station. I hope this issue will be properly handled in the admins best opinions

Please make sure to post the full ban log for an appeal. To save whoever deals with this some time, here it is:

I will reduce this ban to a 3 day ban (from the original ban time) so you should be able to play security again next round. I’ll also place a watchlist on your account to watch for poor security play, but I’m hoping it won’t be necesarry to keep around for long. Thanks for making an effort to become a better security player.

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