Chip Shafer, the deputized scientist who used traitor gear

Byond Account: CyoTheProtogen
Character Name(s): Nobelium XVIII (I was a ghost during the round)
Discord Name: Cyo#2473
Round ID: 13426
Griefer Byond account: DevinXoptoh
Griefer Byond name: Chip Shafer
What happened: I feel this image speaks for itself.

For a quick rundown of what he did that round, he

  • Joined as a scientist
  • Made nanites and repulsive armour
  • Got mutations

Now that seems somewhat innocent so far, but then he proceeds to

  • Get deputized, while still keeping his full science access
  • Acquire north star gloves from a syndicate drop pod
  • Proceeds to use said gloves on a suspect, beating them into crit twice
  • Ignores other security members saying to stop using traitor gear

That about does it.


@DevinXoptoh you should probably give your POV for this, considering this info is fairly damning and you are on the brink of a permaban.

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The gloves, I found in a syndie drop pod that happened mid roundish?
The repulsive armour I wasnt aware that it is considered to be a “powergaming thing” as it was well, in my department, the mutations were given to pretty much everyone on shift.
The caps laser gun, I had to go to save the captain because a goliath killed him in his office, I had to use the gun to kill the goliath and completely forgot it was on my exosuit.
I dont recall any sec members telling me to stop using the stuff aswell.
My bad in general aswell, won’t happen again

Also to add to this, the hop was a traitor, and wasnt around to well, remove my access from science, there also wasnt a sec officer for science

Willard literally batoned you and said to stop, you didn’t.

that was during shuttle travel to centcomm, During live round, not one asked/told me to

Either you’re lying or it happened twice, because I remember him doing it in front of the sec lobby.

Well let’s check what they had…

Space adap
Gravity repulse armor
Contraband with the Northstar gloves

Also after beating 2 traitors:

[2021-03-21 14:44:18.241] SAY: DevinXoptoh/(Chip Shafer) “I” (Brig (200,130,2))
[2021-03-21 14:44:21.788] SAY: DevinXoptoh/(Chip Shafer) “shouldnt be using these gloves” (Brig (200,130,2))
[2021-03-21 14:44:22.991] SAY: DevinXoptoh/(Chip Shafer) “at all” (Brig (200,130,2))
[2021-03-21 14:44:26.962] SAY: DevinXoptoh/(Chip Shafer) “but I think it was needed” (Brig (200,130,2))

Thanks for the report, this has been dealt with.

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