ChrisRambo's ban appeal

Byond Account:ChrisRambo
Character Name(s):ChrisRambo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Chris Rambo#0188
Round ID of Ban:13252
State your appeal:I fell sorry for my doings, i just want to play with my friends and realised how dumb i was when i was doing bad stuf. im realy sorry it wil not be reapeted.

You accidentally posted a screenshot of your e-mail, not your ban message. To avoid disclosing potentially sensitive or identifying information, I’ve deleted the screenshot. Please post either a screenshot of your ban message or copy and paste the message (including banning admin) for this to be considered.

oh sorry i tried to copy it it got glitched i wil send it now :image

is this good?

She most likely means the ban message from your original account, not your alt. She needs the round ID to check logs and stuff like that.

they are thr same i think

They aren’t. Your alternate account was banned for being a ban evasion attempt. The ban message is not the same.

The ban from your original account has been appealed since it’s been a while. However, if you are caught breaking the rules again, you will be back on perma ban. You should be able to log into the server. Let me know if you have any issues!