Circsaw Happy Borg round removes two non-targets

Byond Account:Chumpywumpus
Character Name(s): Aaliyah Wise (Sophia the Defrocked
Discord Name: Garfield the Ravenous
Round ID:
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Dr. M.A.X.I.M.
What happened: As a bloodseeker with engineer vassals objectives, I went to medbay while a sentient disease was killing the crew to try and snag the CE for vassalization. After trying to feed on the CE to incapacitate him for vassalizing, the borg buckled him to a bed and dragged him off to surgery to presumably kill and remove the CE from the round and I followed. The virologist meanwhile, having witnessed me feeding on the CE decided to take matters into their own hands and started shoving me. After shoving them off of me, they pulled a saw and started going to town with it. As I was fighting viro, the borg went ahead and injected me with some chem that slowly began poisoning me. After being incapaciatated, the borg proceeded to saw my head off, despite not being one its master AI’s targets.

The same borg later killed the curator Nush, and spaced them, despite them not being a target. Attached below are screencaps of the borg decapitating me, and discussing having spaced a non-target:


Here is its Master AI’s objectives:


something else admins could look into from the screenshot



All grief patrols need a round ID to be investigated. We can’t investigate a round if we don’t know what logs to pull for it. Do you know what round this was?

I thought I had posted the round ID in my initial post. My mistake, I do recall that this took place on a metastation round on Saturday morning for me.

I am unfamiliar with how to find round ID’s outside of the last round played. Is there method through byond or another service that I could use to find previous rounds I’ve played?

If so I can use it to find the round ID so that this can be looked into.

No method that I’m aware of but if you post your time zone (like UTC -7 or something like that) and a time range that it could’ve happened in, I’ll try to find it.

Sure thing, I’m on CST and if I remember right this would have been around 10-12 on Saturday afternoon

14576 unless you had another bloodsucker game in that time (and they’d have to have another borg game in that time)

That would likely be the one, haven’t had another bloodsucker round since then, thanks for the help!

This had already been taken care of by CyoTheProtogen during the round. Closing.