Clockworkedd's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Clockworkedd
Character Names: Gage Vern, Vanadical-7Y, J.A.N.U.S.
Discord Name: Clockworkedd#2024
Age: 19
Timezone: EST
Active Hours: 12 a.m. ~ 2 a.m.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yes, though I would need to ensure I am fully familiar with the rules for a lot longer than a month as I have had notes in the past that I am not proud of.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
About a year starting at the end of 2020 and up until now, though I have taken lengthy breaks periodically between then and now.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I can mentor in every department except the more advanced ends of toxins and atmos concerning intricate gasses like Zauker, the HFR, etc (though I am slowly learning them). I have time in other servers that are not shown here on my lesser-played rolls, namely botany, genetics, and virology.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I’ve noticed a wide variety of players that were not present on other servers I’ve visited, mainly the disparity between the troves of newcomers and the experienced veterans which result in some unfortunate clashes of experience.


+1 atmos mentors are always good! Never had issues with you, and you are active in discord =

+1 Gage Vern is always fun to play with, to the point that I feel happy when I see him in a shift. Should be a great mentor.




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  • 1 Engi/Atmosian
    +1 Never seen him being toxic
    -2 Dont add mate after each sentence
    +2 Final verdict

You’ve gotten a handful of notes in the last month, which makes me hesitant to accept this; we typically expect our mentors to have a relatively clean record in the month or two before an application is accepted. That being said, your overall time on the server (joined in 2020), and none of the notes being for core 3/4 infractions makes me more willing to overlook that. I have no strong feelings either way on your app at the moment.

+1 Fun guy to play with
+1 I am pretty sure he helped me few times with some atmo-engi staff
-2 No profit
Final verdict

This doesn’t add up…

I know, math was good but we already puted +2 in exel scheet!

Sorry for the delay; one of our admins was out of town this week. Anyway our, your app is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!