Clown and a mime raid armory kill 3 sec

byond account ocelottt
character name miranda husjak
Round id 11275
griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:mr weird, quiet, and many others
i was sec in a ling round we had a unrobust warden clown(mr weird) got arrested for some reason somehow managed to steal warden id and was raiding armory i came in brig and saw it and tried to arrest him then quiet arrived at armory with a fucking durand i shot him with ion (owner of the mech shut up was actually a traitor) but clown shoved me and helped him kill me then the other mime quiet joined in and started killing me they also tried to kill a detective after that and kept doors open so other people can loot armory too
there was also lings murderboning medbay and sci with no objectives but thats for another grief report

This has been taken care of.