Clown Becomes Paid Hitman For Scientist

Byond Account: thatrandomperson124
Character Name(s): Percy Briggs
Discord Name: thatrandomperson3824
Round ID: 27638
Date: 19/08/2023
Griefer IC name: Congo Bongo (Clown), Victor Porkins (Scientist)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Victor approaches me and we start talking jokingly, Victor calls me an imposter (we look awfully similar and it was funny at the time), then I remark that Victor’s ‘death is nigh’ jokingly, not making any attempt to harm him. Victor then turns to the nearby clown Congo and hires them to assassinate him with 20 credits. Congo beats me to death and says, “They’ll revive me” (they didn’t) and that they’d pay me (they didn’t). They also argued with Victor over the pay after they murdered me.

There was NO escalation. It wasn’t like I harmed them or we fought, they just hired a clown to kill me and said, ‘Victor always wins’ afterwards. This also happened OUTSIDE of the HoP’s office and yet they did NOTHING to help, and medical then failed to revive me for over 45 minutes. (While the last two points add little, I’d like to point out that the clown’s idea of ‘reviving me afterwards’ was a lie, probably meant to make me not report this happening.) It also occurred while no admins were online.

Follow-up (the rest of the round):

  • Between 25-53mins, Congo Bongo goes SSD
  • Victor fishes for most of the round, generally avoiding their job and does not give a damn about what just happened.
  • Victor dies just before round end due to disease and hellfire.
  • Victor logs off.

The results at round’s end:

As you can see, neither were in fact antagonists.

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T.Hanks this has been looked into!