Clown drugged and stole cap+ breaking rule 3

Byond Account:Mvosa79
Character Name(s):Baby Cakes
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):mvosa79
Round ID of Ban:27285

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Following grief patrol 27252-drugged and robbed the captain as a non antag clown used gay insult multiple times durning the shift and used insult whore
State your appeal: yea i was a dummy i shouldnt have stolen morphine from a oped med cabinet in the halls and drugged the cap with it that was stupid of me plus i stole his saber. I took this as a joke but i feel bad about it now he(she) just wanted to drink champagne i am sorry about the insults too, i got arested multiple times by even the hos and he confiscated that saber and locked it in wardens office i got it back i think 2 times beacouse a medbot i dont recall the name of emmaged and helped me get it back in the time of the arrest i was not happy called hos what is in the ban message and i am really sorry about that i fell really dumb

i fell like we can resolve this with a 7 day ban a job ban and a warn-if i do this again perma
i just wanna play my favourite game on my favourite server pretty please i will behave from now

i hope you accept-Mvosa79

Yeah, you don’t get to haggle your ban duration, especially after breaking several of our core rules. This is denied. You can file for an appeal in 6 months.

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