Clown gets lynched + Harassed by sec officer

Byond Account: Joster730
Character Name(s): Sleepy
Discord Name: Joster#3864
Round ID: 20443
Date: 5/28/2022 (PST)
Griefer IC name:
Zurkon Donahughe
Jonah Stillwater
Chadwick Nelson
Allen Walker
Mickey O’Neil
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: This round I played as a pacifist clown when a group of the five aforementioned people decided to randomly go after me. They started pushing and shoving me, trying to steal my shoes, which eventually escalated to them beating me to death. After I was revived, I was still getting harassed by Zurkon Donahughe who was a sec officer. He began harassing me earlier in the round before the mob attack. At first, he was just shoving me, then he tried executing me without the cap’s permission when I jokingly said I would take the place of the beefman who was going to be executed. I told Zurkon that I didn’t actually want to be executed but he left me in the execution chamber, failing to gas me after he forgot to connect the plasma canister to the port. Anyways, after I was killed by the mob, Zurkon kept harassing me by randomly beating me and shooting me with incendiary rounds. He also falsely arrested me and tried setting a 15 minute timer in the brig, all the while he continued to beat me.

(edit: I accidentally wrote down the wrong round id, this should be the correct one.)

This has been handled, thanks for the report.