CMO asserting power over life and death

Byond Account: Snootypip
Character Name(s): Pip
Discord Name: Beanslayer
Round ID: 23212
Date: 11/24/22
Griefer IC name: Ultex Jazz III
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: It was a normal round kinda where I was just exploring space as medical looking for bodies when I stumbled on the caps body freashly dead in space, I dragged their body back to medical where i put them on the stasis unit took their suit off and started preforming surgery to fix them when the cmo came up and said to me “I got him” while i was in the middle of the surgery, I was finishing it up when he then decided to just push me over and drap the caps body away into a surgery room leaving all their gear just in the open and their blood spilling everywhere because they were still open from me doing surgery on them. Dumbfounded by this i quickly put all the caps stuff in a crate so noone would take it and went to find the cmo who was doing surgery on the cap in a room, I said to them “Bruh what?, dude, what the fuck” when they replied “listen next time”, then I said back “smart just leaving all his stuff unguarded in the middle of medbay” and clapped when he replied “dont strip him in the middle next time stupid fucking prick” fair point but not really because we were the only ones in med at the time and it was a very fast revive job, just some brute to heal before defib. i then explained to the cmo that he was already super close to being able to be revive and that his anger was unnessesary then he came out of the surgery room and tele batoned me on the ground then beat me lethaly with it till i was about half health, I got up and pushed him in retaliation but he batoned me again and then full killed with with a saw, and right after doing that he got killed by a borg leaving all of us dead in the surgery room and the cap not being revived. i dont really need to say more but i have the chat logs from this event it is telling me tho that I cannot post the file type here so if its really needed ill post it in like 12 pics if nessesary.

This has been looked into. Some things that bothered me by this was that the CMO did have the right to pull a patient from you as he is the leader of medical and it’s very common for the CMO to personally handle reviving fellow command members.

In addition, a virologist shouldn’t be doing surgery or “exploring space” without CMO approval which makes it even more justified for him to take over treatment.

That being said, he still broke rules by attacking you lethally with a circular saw which has been handled and addressed. Thanks for you report!