Command job ban- round 29214 "Xenomorph Incident"

Byond Account: marklyfied
Character Name(s): Jacob Filler, George Phillips
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): lemonadestandseller
Round ID of Ban: 29214 

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:

I was the acting captain The shift was going good. Just a regular round with xenos. I needed to leave for personal reasons so I thought of an IC way to get out. I walked on over to the Research Director Office and left the Captains spare ID in the Research Director’s office. I “Ahelped” the admins (i remember 2 being online) and notified them about my situation. I went into the xenomorph pit and I thought it was a good ic way to get out. (“Testing if the Xenomoprhss were nice”). I left the game and the next day I launched space station 13 with a grin on my face as I plotted the devious fun things to do to entertain the other people there that were expecting to have fun and my eyes layed on the big “Banned” text near the job I was about to play. Captain. (I had just unlocked it)

Why I should be unbanned:

I started playing space station 13 this year at about September 20th and it has been a FUN experience. As I flipped server after server, I found this one… Fulpstation. As I played it more and more, I came to know and love it. The main reason I want to be unbanned from command is progression. The game just feels so sad when you know there is nothing to progress to. Secondly, who did I harm? I didn’t ruin anyones experience- infact I most likely made someone laugh. “YO GUYS WTF THE ACTING CAPTAIN JUMPED INTO THE XENO PIT TO TEST IF THEY WERE NICE!!! PLOT TWIST THEY ARENT! HAHA!”. After reading the above, I hope I get unbanned from the command. Thanks for reading,

-Jacob Filler

Command is expected to lead their department; anyone who needed a job change from the HoP would not have been able to get it due to there being no command available to do it. This appeal makes it clear you don’t understand what command expectations are or why we have them, and the announcement asking where the women are is also super questionable. This is denied.

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