Common Plans for Warops

okay so this is basically some common plans for warops

(plans vary on where the captain is, and most of these only work when you’re with a team)

  • The Department Strat:

    Works best for captains who are on the move.

basically, nukies blow into cargo/engineering clear it out, and attempt to make their way to where the captain is (generally bunkering down in bridge), and exfiltrate at a planned area. bring guns, a bunch of magazines, some x-4 charges, and elite hardsuit

  • The Pod Strat:

    Works best for captains who bunker down in bridge, sec, whatever.

nukies plant the ship to a planned extraction point (should be a balance between it being far from the station, and it being accessible to the nukies), place one operative to guard the ship, and use the drop pod on an area near to the disk. (DO NOT place the pod onto the captain, as it will gib them and cause the disk to teleport to somewhere else.), clear out the room, and bust their way out by using explosives, trying to make their way to the extraction point. One person should buy the pod, a gun, at least four explosives, mags, and an elite hardsuit. The person guarding the ship should buy at least a gun and two mags, while spending the rest on borgs or support.

These should work with clownops, but with just the piecannon/bananium sword/shield instead of lethals.
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