Conversion antag ban appeal Fauxzor55

Byond Account: Fauxzor55
Character Name(s): Carrie Argotech
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): fauxzor#8368
Round ID of Ban: 15956
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

You have been banned from conversion antags after disconnecting mid-ahelp. Please see admin remarks in your OOC tab for more information.
Banned from Roles: Blood Brother, Cultist, Revolutionary, Bloodsucker permanently - Antag 2 Suicided immediately after being converted to cult then disconnected after being told to request a role ban if they didn’t want to play as cultist. Appeal on the forum if you change your mind about playing conversion antags. Round 15956

State your appeal:

I was salty that I got effectively insta-converted by a cultist as soon as I walked into my workstation as an atmos tech, with zero interaction at all. I decided to die on a hill I shouldn’t have died on by eating my oxygen tank as soon as I got revived as a cultist. I got a bwoink, and told the admin that I wasn’t going to have fun this way, and that forcing me to stay on and do something I didn’t wanna do wasn’t going to happen-- then I disconnected. This was not cool on my part and I apologize.

I understand that this is shitty and unfair to the antags who have to take risks to convert people and shouldn’t have their time and energy wasted by people who don’t want to play along. It’s the same as having someone deliberately ignore a command that’s been hypnotized into them. I have run into several scenarios since then where I am instantly ghosted as soon as I am converted due to my conversion antag ban, which isn’t fun for me either, and has made me really eat my words.

The note said I should make an appeal when I’m ready to play them again, and I think that I am. I hope that my immature comments earlier can be excused and that I can be given a second chance. I don’t mind remaining banned from the other roles if necessary, since I just don’t find them very conducive to MRP, but I would really like to play revolutionary again since that’s a pretty fun vibe most of the time and my original ban didn’t have anything to do with being a rev.

Appeal accepted. You hsould be able to play conversion antags in any future rounds.