Corpse Dragged into Maints and Left There by Non-Antag

Byond Account: DarthGamer
Character Name(s): Grady Graham
Discord Name: Darth Gamer
Round ID: 12996
Griefer Byond account: Not known
Griefer Byond name: Brooklyn Shupe
What happened: I died due to radiation in Atmos and was brought to a shower in the stasis room in Medbay. Brooklyn Shupe, a Botanist, fireman carries my corpse to a corner in maintenance under botany, shoves me in a locker, and seemingly goes AFK in front of the locker for what I assume is the rest of the round (around 00:55:00 Round Time). The round-end summary showed that they weren't an antag and that it was a greenshift.

So. After talking to him. He attempted to revive you as a pod person but ran out of time. So the intention was good in the first hand.

But he has been informed of the confusion that made it and was handled properly.

Thanks for the report.

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