Cremating Chaplain

Byond Account: Tyrrano

Character Name(s): Tyrrano

Discord Name: Tyrrano#2315

Round ID:11437

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Vincent Osterweis

What happened: I popped into the round as an observer, and saw a death in chaplain’s office. I went to investigate and saw this chaplain drag a body to the cremator to cremate. There was a pile of ghosts on the cremator as well. Then I orbited them while they went to med to steal a dead (with soul) body to drag off. They got shoved and the body taken from them, and they went SSD immediately after. There were 6 ghosts hovering at the cremator, and it seems they were SSD as they were not moving around at all. Oddly, dude also is a ghost in the pile. Dude most definitely was not an antag.

if there are ghosts hovering it means he proably cremated lot more ssd people

There’s like… 6 other people who got cremated. Yikes.This has been handled. Thanks!