Crew kills me for defending xenoqueen on WAROPS

Byond Account: moomcheese
Character Name(s): jack
Discord Name: um
Round ID: 12442
Griefer Byond account: ??
Griefer Byond name: leo plumberson and new newman
What happened: 

it was a warops + xeno shift. i was a curator so I went to xenobio to talk to the queen. suddenly some atmos walks in (leo) with a flamer so I stun him while a doctor who was in the room (newman) opens the plasma canister. leo manages to stun me, cuffs me and strips me while newman starts beating me up. leo then shoves me into xenobio disposals which leads to space. after I died to being spaced i orbited what happened next and it looks like he burned the place down and killed some crew doing so. (also when I communicated with the queen she was friendly and decided to help fight nukies.)

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I meant to reply that i resolved this, sorry.