Crush Redstone's 40 minute obsession with a Keg

Byond Account: Daridine
Character Name(s): Johnny Rocker
Discord Name: Evelina#3104
Round ID: 21072
Date: July 6, 2022
Griefer IC name: Crush Redstone (or similar, you can look at fight logs from me and Angus McBangus to find them)
Griefer Byond account (if known): No Idea.

What happened:
Bartenders: Johnny and Angus
Griefperson: Crush Redstone
Early.ish in the shift, Crush comes into our bar, asking for a lot of Vodka and Beer, I try to say sure and work to get him some but he starts climbing over the counter, which is a big no for me and coworker. So we shove him off and out, he gets mad and keeps at it, trying to buy our keg which, no he’s being rude so we tell him no and to go away.
This then triggers this man to spend the next 30-40 minutes trying to climb over the bar, break into our backroom, hacking doors or trying to weld down our backroom walls to steal the keg.
At one point we go to stop him, he pushes into our backroom, we try to shove him down/out and end up beating him to near death as we were both incredibly frustrated (He was gasping so I’m assuming we didn’t go all the way). I go to take him to security/medical but they show up before we leave. (Unrelated, but a forsomereason Hulked up Detective starts screaming about drugs and breaks everything in our back room… along with trying to arrest us… fun)

I get in a brief scuffle with sec because they were hacking/breaking into the backroom right after someone else was just doing so and they weren’t wearing sec outfits so I was a bit on edge.

ANYWAY!! Even after being taken and healed, he then CONTINUES TO COME BACK trying to break in and steal the keg. Eventually my coworker just destroys the damn thing so we can be at peace.

Overall, the player needs to learn how to fuck off and no means no.
Admittedly we probably overescalated when he tried to break in, but we were both very frustrated and this honestly kinda ruined the whole vibe of the round.

(The round as a whole was filled with just random shit. People hopping counters stealing from us and the chef, people roleplaying breaking bad, detective hulks, shuttle bombing, it reallly was a clusterfuck)

this has been handled through a different round but they are gone.

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