CrushKidClyde Ban Appeal

Byond Account: CrushKidClyde
Character Name(s): Zeenaku'Zeena-Druhazi 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Crush #6848
Round ID of Ban:15868
Ban MessageYou have been banned by Tom F Hardy from the server.

Reason: Round 15868 - Security 4.2) Beat an incarcerated mime into crit and was belligerent in ahelps. Take a short break and come back a bit calmer next time.
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 3 days. The round ID is 15868.
State your appeal:

I Fell like my actions did not merit this rudeness, insults, and ban.
there was less then 10 minutes of the round left a Mime was attacking our guards over and escaping, we lost perma and had been repairing it to have air, so I had to get the mime to gulag. that was the goal. so:

I went and saw him make a break for it, get grabbed by a guard that exclaimed about the mime beating his ass again.while he was brigged i had a monolog with him, tellign him not to try to fight and that ima get him to gulag for safty.
a mime behind me shoved me into the glass of the door, and dropping my baton the celled mime in question (victim) was soundly beaten with the closest object.

that happend to be the tripped detective’s baseball bat.

I had a long monolog about how not to fight and that he had options.

In my head he had all the options and he chose to fight, so i beat him to crit.

hell I hit him till It stopped feeling good.

But that’s becasue I roleplayed out that if he fucked with me with perma in ruins, with evac docking in 7 minutes that he had 2 options: die or dont fight.

I wasent heated though. I was calm as fuck.

Then as im thinking of how to get a medical officer over and get him back up, and how to get him to gulag i get some a Admeme DM. Asking if I crit him, I said Allegedly.

Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: I can read the logs, dumbass. Don’t lie to me.
Click on the administrator’s name to reply
– Administrator private message –

then he gibbed me.

I replied something about how the mime was messing with us and deserved this only to be rewarded by admemes for his behavior because I beat him and got this reply:

Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: I’m not here to deal with your bullshit. Take a break.
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.

followed by a the ban.

I don’t agree with any of this or the way it was handled.

I was insulted, disrespected and then banned for a typical overreaction and typical admeme reply salt.

I think the Admeme was overreacting and overwhelmed. I think they should take their own advice and take a break.

You know ban appeals are meant to convince me that you’re a rational, reasonable player that we want on the server, right? This is not that.