Cryostasis Syringes

We’ve got cryostasis beakers, but no syringe counterpart.
Cryostasis Syringe: Same capacity as a normal syringe, but reagents inside won’t react until they exit the syringe (i.e. into someone’s bloodstream)
Possible uses:

  • Shoot someone with a syringe of reagents that explode on mixing from a distance, no reloading or multiple shots needed.
  • Inject someone with chems and let it react in their blood for a rapid effect, no time spent stabilizing pH needed
  • Inject someone with friendly life to make harmless corgi chestbursters

Recipe: Made at protolathe, 10x as much glass as the standard syringe, plus 50 each of plasma and iron

Hopefully this isn’t a terrible idea but if it is please tell me

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i feel like this would make instacrit syringegun mixes way too easy to get and turn into the meta. Just wait till miners mine the mats, get 1-3 syringes fill them all with potassium and water then shoot a bunch at your target till they go crit.

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This is a buff to what is already pretty much the most overpowered job for both antags and non antags in terms of overpowered healing combos, death mixes, thermite, bombs, super speed, stun resistance meds etc

In theory this makes sense, in practice this would be extremely overpowered. It is a cool idea though

Me when Odysseus syringe gun becomes missile launcher with explosives mix. (Reagents inside are held in stasis)


odysseus 2nd griefing tool so true!!!

Me when gib mixes require even less skill

ody + syndie poison kit, copy spewium and make everyone throw up their stomach

Yes it is a terrible idea hope that helps :+1:

Cryo syringes were a thing but got removed because they were useless apart from having frozen death mixes
Which resulted in chemists having a one click gib which wasn’t fun for the receiving end

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