Cure Mentor Application

Byond Account:cure221
Character Name(s):Bure Bakon,Raya Norton,Aaden norton,Agrias Claudina
Discord Name:cure221/cure
Active hours:Its random, but usually during afternoon
Are you interested in becoming a mod?:Not right now

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I can mentor for almost all the jobs and most of the antags

  • Medical
    Medical is the department i have the most hour in, i know everything from reviving people to chemistry/plumbing and virology

  • Security
    I know how and when to use sec gear, and i have good knowledge about space law.I would consider myself a decent security player.

  • Engineering
    I know power and i am pretty good with sm and i know basic atmospheric and how to make some gases

  • Service
    Service is my least played department i how to cook and make drinks as bartend

  • Cargo
    I know the ins and outs of cargo tech as well as how to gather a lot of mats as miner and kill megafaunas

  • Science
    Robotics was my starting job and i am very good at it.
    I know how to xenobio and gene, i dont know circuits but i am planning on learning it

  • Antags
    I know the mechanics of most of antags except wizard

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I think noticed that fulp has a really cool community that i would like to help by becoming a mentor.
There is also a lack of mentors during asian and early EU Hours.


+1 welcome in this community

+1 stinky green ghost

+1 really cool i think

+1 very good beefalo namer

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Shares a birthday with me +1 happy birthday

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-0.99999999999999999 +1

+1 kid named cure221

But what are you the cure for? +1

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see you answering a lot of stuff in ask mentors on discord, I was just thinking you’d be a good addition +1

Definite +1 from me, Cure knows much more about this god-forsaken game then I do and knows how to keep answers short, concise, and most of all - actually helpful

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Making my first forum comment in months to +1 this

who tf r u +1

+1 frick you


+1 based SCP gamer

Took you long enough pffft +1

knowledge is power +1

This app has been accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!