D.I.G.N.I.T.Y Billy's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Jonnakas
Character Name(s): V4LD, D.I.G.N.I.T.Y., Billy Jefferson, Billy Bat, Billy B. Willard, Maurice Kalbut
Discord Name: D.I.G.N.I.T.Y. ඞ Billy B.W
Age: 23
Timezone: CET (French reeeee)
Active hours: 10am-12pm

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Almost 700h help me, 2-4 month I believe, did I start in 2020 ?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

1 : Science : My first job was robotist, I stayed in that job long enough to live most situations, I can explain mech/uppgrades/borgs even aug and self surgery aug, I did mech tide sometimes too so I can explain why it fucking sucks in the shuttle. Robotist was a cool job since I was just staying in a room all the round like a flash game about maintenance of borgs. I know the all xenobio wiki and some bullshit combo you can make, and how op and creative you can get. I didn’t acheive a maxcap research boost yet, but I can use the core, I know a little about atmos, also know genetist except changing appearance with it. Lastly I was RD quite a lot and I know research priority by situations, how hulk are fucks, revs, cult, nukies,malf ai etc. Since I have played every departement I know even more what is needed. For me this departement is about enthusiasm for the mechanics, and doing project is so fun.

2 : Silicons : I’m an AI main, mainly because from my point of view it’s the job that use the most decision per second and knowledge in the game. You can do so much as an AI that I think it’s the best job to learn humility and damage control. I was borg also quite a lot and as a head had to deal with shitty borgs so I know the threat they represent for the enjoyement of the crew. Lastly as a captain I did a bunch of lawset with the enjoyement of the silicons in mind, so you can say I’m biased over this departement. Silicons are a family linked by trust, the AI have no way to tell what borgs do, it means bad borgs ruins a lot with their power, but it also mean good borg make for the best cooperation moment this game has to offer <3.

3 : Security : Now I’m gonna be honest I don’t think I’m a good HoS, I’m not terrible either, but I clearly don’t have the presence to lead the monkeys I have sometimes, I tend to trust them too much. I know fulp spacelaw, arrest procedure, was officer/deputy in all antag type round. I can explain anyone how to not die and be ready, the hard part is adaptating when no one listen. Security job is mostly about trust in yourself and calm thinking, the best HoS are inspiring by how decisive they are.

4 : Medical : I only started to train on that departement lately but I did enough to be able to help, surgey, factory, chemical recipes, situations where there is too much corpse, tidders fuckery etc. For me medical is clearly a fraternity, it’s crazy how much you link with the doctors next to you, and the CMO job for me is to make viro/chem/para part of that fraternity, I can get why Kirie stayed here for so long.

5 : Engineering : I love atmos, I’m bad at it, I take millions of years to understand basic stuff, but I love it. Engineers on the other hand are not my cup of tea, this departement was the one I avoided the most, because for me it’s the most lonely, once basic job is done everyone fuck off to some part of the station to make their personnal contruction, and you stay lost and confused in maint. I don’t have enough knowledge yet to help doing a very good SM, but I have the basics. I mostly did atmos since it help me as an AI too (and one day I will make metal hydrogen just watch me). On the whole I think engineering is not my cup of tea yet but I can for sure help in wiring/construction/uppgrades/power issues.

6 : Antags : Hehehe Of course that would be last. In fact, I love antags, it’s just that I am very bad and unlucky at them (even after 600h+…). However I played all of them, I know all of them, I can help on that field in the theoric side. I don’t love all of them tho.

Service : Botany is a cheat room but was my main here, I played almost every single ones but eh.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I noticed a paradox in the community goal, mainly between the target of the server (the new players) and the veterans on the server. The more a player will get good at the game the more the game will feel like the same to him and the more he will want narratives (elaborated rp) that includes admins too. However a new player does not need that narrative because learning and failing at every step is already a narrative in itself. I wish fulp community could be more open on that question and show more love for the enthusiast they felt when discovering the mechanics of this game. (I get that you can’t tell the difference between them and lying raiders sometimes, but let me dream)

Other than that the community is great, no toxicity, not much circlejerking, it’s not a drama land, and peoples are helpful with each others and mostly calm and kind. I wish we had less shitters since from my few notes moments I could feel how inquisitive and on the edge were some mods, that’s not cool for them nor for the community.

I love fulp, fulp is life, fulp is time, fulp is eating my time.

That wall of text must be quite indigestive, but I’ll use the “I don’t talk english very good” card



+1, very good AI, knows how to handle icebox rounds and revs going oonga

It’s readable

+1 at least the application wasnt in french

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How dare you say that, mon bon monsieur.

retracting my +1 :nauseated_face:

+1 to all my fellow silicon mains out there. Been always a pleasure to have you as a cyborg or me as your borg.

EU players are very much needed more around here nowadays too.

They’re cool, +1.

Serious note, really happy to see you put in an app. You’re really fun to talk to on the Discord, and one of the few AIs that consistently follows their laws.
Obviously +1

french :nauseated_face: +1

+1 a good name to see while playing as a silicon. Very reliable

-1 french + ai main +2 very good ai

-1 french

+1 french

+1 had some great interactions with them as AI