Dandeelion / VIKI AI Ignoring laws - Murderboning

  • Byond Account: Tholok
  • Character Name(s): Doctor Happy
  • Discord Name: Abattoir#4889
  • Round ID: 9102
  • Griefer Byond account: Dandeelion
  • Griefer Character name: VIKI (AI)
  • What happened: Whilst on Paladin laws, the AI supported a Cargonia rebellion and killed me by setting its turrets to lethals. At first I thought they were being subverted but then when I died I floated over them. The AI had Paladin + an ‘oxygen is bad save the organics from it’ law. This might justify venting the atmosphere but not shooting anyone as it would believe it was ‘saving’ us. It also shouted ‘Die Organics!’ whilst having no law that could justify this.

SkyCinnamon said they were looking into this but I never had a response so raising here.

This was taken care of by SkyCinnamon in round, though I don’t see where you got a response so it’s reasonable to have made a grief patrol over it. Closing.