Danxd7996 - discord ban appeal

Byond Account: Danxd7996
Character Name(s): Dib Membrane
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): danxd#7996
Round ID of Ban: 26058

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): no message
State your appeal:

i do not have any idea why i was banned without a message, but i might see why i was actually banned
in this previous round an acting captain was grieifing, and since i thought this was pretty “urgent” (since they were the acting captain after all) i pinged active admins role to get a response quickly. however, i was met with people saying “why would you do that” but i didnt know it was bad to ping active admins for that, since they were a pretty high up role and doing shit. then, i jokingly said “i want them gone asap cause theyre braindead” not knowing it doesnt look like a joke and got lectured not to tell admins what to do (even though i didnt mean it to come out that way) and following the next 5 minutes or so i was removed from the server and banned with no ban message. i do apologise for pinging that role since i didnt know its use

The active administrator role belongs to all mods/admins you pinged 20 people for this

Youre not banned from the byond server but it’s time for a time out from the discord server.