Darkbluehaze ban appeal

Byond Account: Darkbluehaze
Character Name(s): Ching Chang
Round ID of Ban: #29084 banID
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://imgur.com/a/zZqEjFc

State your appeal: Some months ago I got banned because I was supposedly playing as an Asian stereotype. While I can see what the admin meant, I don’t think this deserved a straight up permanent ban without warning. This was my first ever transgression on the server, and I had no racist intentions while playing, nor did I make any racist remarks ever while playing on this server, I was just thinking about some memes. When the admin boinked me about it I admitted that it wasn’t a fun thing to do, I didn’t realise they thought it was racist, then they banned me without a second word.

This is such a low effort appeal that you didn’t even bother to follow the template. “We strictly enforce our rules on hate speech” means that we strictly enforce our rules on hate speech. This is denied. You can try again in 6 months.