Dar's Mentor App

Byond Account: Espinoza11
Character Name(s): Mel Killson, GREEN9001
Discord Name: Dar#3249
Age: 23
Timezone: Central +6
Active hours: At least one or two shifts late at night
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yeah, eventually

How long have you played on Fulpstation? I have over 200 hours on this server but I’ve been on and off since 2020 - But I’ve played SS13 for years before that

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Science - Most of my playtime in all of SS13 in general was in the science department; this includes genetics and RD. There are only a couple of things such as nanites that I hadn’t dabbled in but I can pick up fast and help others. I know most construction of the machines and have even helped people in-game to build things such as AI cores.
Medbay - The second most played department I’ve played, usually as a surgeon.
Silicon - I love doing borgs and AI and most of my downtime in those roles is spent experimenting with what they can do with what machines.

From all my experience in SS13 in general I have plenty of misc knowledge in all departments.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I’ve noticed that many players end up aimlessly running around when they first join with no idea what to do - and while the players are fairly inclined with teaching anyone in whatever department their newbie is - I’d like to give them a sense of security that the staff/mentors are also there to help guide them with the learning curve of the game.

-1 not active on the discord and kinda questionable behavior in the past

-1, due to your inactivity within the discord, and the fact your account on the forums is not even a day old and this is your first post.


You literally got an admin remark since the time this was posted…

Yeah that’s totally on me and understandable why i got bwoinked


+1 not active on the discord and kinda questionable behavior in the past

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I didn’t want a +1 from a meta hater anyways


I’m glad you recognize it. However, we expect mentors to have a very solid track record for rule compliance, which you do not have, so this app is denied. You can re-apply once you’ve shown that you understand and are willing to follow our rules.