Dave's Mod application

Byond username: ChilliDogDave
Discord name: Chilli Dog Dave
Join date: my memory is not good with date but about 2 years ago i started playing roughly
Hours you’ve been on the server: living hours shows 2,353.5h, dead hours 6.43.3h
When are you online or available to get on: im usually on at random hours but i am rarely NOT available due to my health and living situation (i basically have an insane amount of free time)
How long have you been a mentor? : my accepted mentor app says feb 12 so thats uhhh… 6 monthsi think?
Do you have prior experience being a moderator: my only real moderating experience was as a player mod during the runescape 2 era, the most moderating we were expected to do was mute bot goldseller spam and flag people for disruptive players that breached the rules such as exploiting or harrassment
What is something you feel you do well: im not very good talking about myself i guess its my easy going nature and my observation, im flexible and enjoy even the simplest things (except being disposaled by monkeys screw those guys)
What is something you wish to change: honestly? i just want to see players have fun all around, if it makes people enjoy the game more and it doesnt harm or disrupt anyones fun i say its healthy

extra note from myself: i am putting in this mod app because recently theres been an uptake in griefing and its hurting me seeing them ruin low pops already struggling fun and i feel so powerless against it and i also feel like with how often im around to see this or just a ping away i feel like im pestering the other staff by needing to get help stopping a griefer, being able to mod means i can maybe move possible griefer to a containment if they are actively destroying the shift and maybe undo some of their damage.
fulps already hurting right now with the pop decline i dont want to see fulp struggle more so i want to help in more ways if i can so more people can enjoy their stay


+1 fulp is already in an dark age, i think we would benefit having you around

Would be nice to see another mod online when others aren’t available

+1 stellar guy and is almost always online. He has the support of space italy!

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+1 ghost gaming

+1 You’re pretty awesome and would love to see you help us through these more sparse times.


#1 active administration pinger 3 months running and an all around cool dude +1

-1 from maxspells

+1 Partner in crime catching grifters

+1 stop pinging me while I’m at work

This app is accepted! Welcome to the mod team!