Daynamic appeal

Byond Account: daynamic
Character Name(s):doesmatter
Discord Name daynamic9994
Round ID of Ban: none 

Ban Message
State your appeal: i was trying to find someones discord and asked someone tro ping @ person masso said @ him as a joke so i responded with a dumb copypaste i modifed for ss13 and they didnt seem to care at all i doubt the ping boored them as they were typing while i pinged them

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For the record, this was the “dumb copypaste” mentioned above. Even if it is a joke, it can still be interpreted as malicious and pinging someone with this unprompted is extremely toxic.


they made a cringe joke b4 that with the @him thing i think its pretty easy for them to determine this is just a joke

You’ve been here all of a week; there’s no way you know anyone here well enough to make those sorts of “jokes” to or about them and it be okay (or at least not be interpreted as malicious). Judging by this and the interactions I’ve had with you in-game, you need to do some growing up and learn boundaries before you’re ready to interact with other people. This is denied.

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