Delta (Nush-Kajul)'s mentor app :)

Byond Account: Delta0Star
Character Name(s):Nush-Kajul, Azala-Kajul, Rana-Kajul
Discord Name: Delta (Nush-Kajul)
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: usually around 3pm-2pm may vary tho
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: No

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
According to my tracked playtime 1,319h living and 211h ghost

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
Most Departments excluding: Engineering, atmospherics aswell as some parts of Service and Science.
Science: i consider myself fairly competent at some sectors of this including Genetics, Xenobiology and Robotics i have around 71 hours in scientist, 57 hours in Robotocist and 21 hours in RD

Medical: i know my around this depart capable of completing most tasks with ease although my hours in the department does not show this

Service: I am not too good at this part of the department completely avoiding Clown, Bartender and Chef as best i can i would be better off giving small hints to newbie Botanists however i am sure others could provide bettter help

Engineering: My worst department i have the least hours in this department out of every department i only know my way around building structures, repairing wires, and understanding basic hacking

Supply: i know my way around mining and ct roles aswell as the tech they are given and how to use it effectively.

Prison: i know its technically not its own department but i have a large amount of hours behind this prefering to be a menace to security under this role i hold a very high 218.8hours in this zone as a whole and could probably give new prisoners a bit of help with understanding how to be a menace to sec…society by just existing (without harming anyone)

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Accepted! Welcome aboard!