Dental Hygienics

Idea guy spam cause @KosakiNya gave me an idea.

-Teeth organs that can get damaged over time by eating sugar (fuck you sugar pills), sugary foods, drinking sugary drinks, and getting hit in the mouth/face.

-Damaged teeth will be painful and debuff your mood until you get them handled. (Maybe even have them show up as a disease on medical huds similar to inflamed appendix if they get infected or something, like an IRL abcess)

-New surgeries to repair damaged teeth utilizing the extremely situational and hardly ever used dental drills. New teeth can be printed off at the lathe and replaced through a mouth surgery

-New chemist medicines to repair teeth, while certain old chemist medicines can damage teeth, just like real life!


finally, more uses for the surgical drill that are not just dental implants :heart_eyes:

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Chav mutation gives a mood buff when you have bad dental health.


Now we can rip people’s teeth out with wirecutters!! Yes!!!


New job, dentist. Slightly more impactful than psychologist. Traitor dentist get remote controlled wind up teeth.

I’d rather see psychiatrist and virologist get reworked before a new job got added to medbay tbh

New job, Psychiadentist.