Deputies - What do you want to see changed?

This is less of a request and more of a question.

Deputies are meant to be mall cops, guarding the department they are assigned to.
Currently, Deputies rarely stay in their departments. What would you like to see out of Deputies to encourage you to stay in your department? (Example: Mood buff, better at unarmed combat, cant drop items, ect.)

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Mood buff/debuff could be a small thing to help.

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Maybe add more brig cells in the sec checkpoints like delta. Also a crazy idea for you, make deputies have more authority than officers in their assigned departments and make them need more hours than officer… maybe even have in prefs where you get to choose which dept you want and require a certain number of hours there but that’s a lil extreme… just ideas

We sadly cannot change tg maps, and I’ve already sent my request for departmental cells on Helio. Additionally, deputies have the same time requirement as Brig Doc, meaning it’s locked behind security officer playtime, as a means to covey that this is its own job, and not just an entry level sec and nothing more. Changing your department is already a thing, it’s under which AI screen you want in you’re settings. While I cannot change server rules, chain of command and space law, coding is still important and sending messages through little things like timelocks and benefits/consequences for doing what you’re meant/not meant to be doing, are ways coders can change the game

Sad, maybe a weaker door remote that just opens/closes could help but idk any coding shit

I’d be down with a mood buff but also allow them to be able to interact and do stuff in the department they monitor. I would like to see sprites that are for them so the main sec colors with the color of the department they are in.

They get a beret and armband to show their department color

My only concern with a mood debuff is that, unless there was something like a delay on when it would kick in, it would be sorta punishing for anyone who was wanting to, say, go to the kitchen and hang out at the bar for a bit unless the debuff was relatively small, in which case it would probably just be ignored. It also might cause issues for any deputies who want to change jobs to a non-sec dept. Granted, that might just be the hazard of setting it as a job possibility like folks have with mimes and clowns. Maybe it could be something that would reduce sanity/mood over time that’s not spent in the department? No idea how that would go for coding though.

I feel like if we do unarmed combat in the dept, we’ll end up with a lot of people rolling deputy and immediately getting a job for the perk (which is against the rules, but it will be a pain to have to babysit).

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The mood can be small and used mostly to push people to a certain behavior and could have a text that reminds them of their main duty as a Deputy.
Negative: “I haven’t checked on my department in a while. I’m worried if they are safe.”
Positive: “I’m doing my duty and near the people I was tasked to protect!”

Honestly, just making sec officers less involved in the department, and deputies more involved. Have security officers not choose departments and have deputies manage them instead.

Better access to the departments they’re supposed to be watching over. Sci deputies for example literally only get front door access. Traitor in genetics killing somebody? You literally can’t help them with their current access.

That’s already been done

This was dealt with by making it a skillchip, which can be removed at the library

I made them able to aggressively grab people while in their department, and made them unable to use guns no matter what, denying the ability to ‘game it. You’d either get both, or none

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Going from the idea of a guard, rather than a mall cop:
Something that makes them better able to defend an area.

Maybe slip or shove immune (only while in department, though probably still very strong)
Maybe also the ForceField projector as starting gear?

The other thought is something that helps deputies throw out tiders. I have no idea if that is codeable, but some skill/item/change that makes throwing people into disposals faster?

Deputies have a skillchip that allows them to instantly aggressively grab people while in their department, as said in my comment above

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i like the sound of a forcefield projector

You should make deputy blobbernauts of departeent, they lost mood/health/stam/Idunno
when they are away of their deparement, and regen once in
That way I will finally stop seing the engi deputy arresting dudes in science maint
and that science deputy just doing officer work going in and out of brig

The best IC and OOC would be that it’s related to their pay/money if they leave the department too long.

Doctors fumbling about while the debuty continously melts for being in medbay instead of science

sec belt for deputies maybe? I think helio doesn’t allow deputies to enter the sec gear room to get a belt.
unless deputies aren’t supposed to have belts or something.

Deputies should have secways spawned in their little room.
Deputies should have cqc.
Deputies should spawn with Thermals and Space Adapt.
Deputies should have an L6 SAW in their locker that has a special pin so that they’re the only that can use it.
Deputies should have a DE-Sword in their pockets.
Deputies should have All Access.
Deputies should be Deputies.