Destroying angels on the halls

Byond Account: fernandoj8
Character Name(s): Tim Lexvis
Discord Name: A miscellaneous Fern#5813
Round ID: 24290
Griefer IC name: Unknown
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened:

There were several botanists that round. At least one of them grew destroying angels and left one below a door near the bridge (the one directly to the left of the HoP line). I’m not sure if it’s inherent to destroying angels or if were mutated further, but anyone that stepped on them was injected with their contents. Said contents include amanitin, a delayed effect toxin that almost instakills you once it metabolizes completely. A lot of people; including but not limited to me (the captain), the HoP and I believe one of the botanists; were affected by it and either died or almost died. We couldn’t identify who grew them, hopefully the logs shed some light on it.

This has been dealt with. Thanks for the report!

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