Detective and sec off metafriending

Byond Account:grungussus
Character Name(s):Aaspewar L. Stargezer
Discord Name:grungussus
Round ID:30671
Griefer IC name:John Pillsbury, axle/axel? Brody.
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: The detective arrested a head of staff without permission from cap or hos, I arrested the det and brought them to brig, Axel took him out of brig after which the det went straight back to attempting to arrest the RD, the captain after seeing this told sec to arrest the det and demote him, after which I arrested det again and Axel took him out of my hands and released him again, later on the det hid his face and took off his id, i found him and stunned again and then Axel arrested me, brought me to cap saying I am arresting another officer, the cap says that I’m in the right and releases me, axel heard all of this, then I go straight back to arresting the det and Axel still stops me after being told off by the captain.

The detective arrested the RD because the RD (1) stole his gun and (2) helped a prisoner escape. The detective was within his right trying to arrest him to get his items back. I don’t know the detective at all, never even met him outside this round, but seeing an officer arrest him just for trying to get his stolen goods back was wrong and I chose to help him.

This was looked into and handled thanks