Detective shoots unarmed, unmoving man to death in Medbay

Byond Account: Ficrab
Character Name(s): Ahar Dorthanent
Discord Name: Ficrab
Round ID: 16563
Date: 9/8/2021
Griefer IC name: Ryker Addison
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: During a rev round I heard the sounds of medbay murder, so I intervened by shoving down someone who was sawing someone else in crit. They clarified that it was a murderer, so I lay down and waited for sec to arrive. Two detectives arrived, and after saying “just so we can say sec did it” which I didn’t hear any context for, Ryker fully unloaded his revolver into my chest. I was laying on the ground completely unarmed and hadn’t said a word. I went into crit, and they milled for some time before the other detective tried to put me into a stasis bed.

The patrol has been dealt with, thanks for the report.