Devils Feedback thread

I am currently working on reworking Devils and how they get new agents, but otherwise this is where you leave feedback for the new shitty antagonist Devils and Devil Affair Agents.

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as someone who has played as devil i really like the whole mechanic of passing contracts onto people it feels way more involved than most antags, though i wish i could force people on their death bed to sign in return of being revived so that way you have an alternative playstyle.
after all in your most time of need people with turn to the most… questionable help (satanic, elder gods, etc)

i’d like to hear your opinion on giving the stolen souls a unique observer state where they can talk to deadchat and act the same as an observer but come with the added effect of being both seen and heard ONLY by the devil, this would give the devil more of a feeling THEY are the one in control of the souls, after all why would they collect souls and not take advantage of them for their own ends?
this would mostly be for gaining knowledge, locating agents/kills, locating new possible souls to contract and feeling like they are growing in power since they will have much more sway over the rounds information as their power grows and it will even give some niché usage for the ghost camera chaplain has

i think agents should get a mix of both agent and bystander souls as targets imo, since if its only agents vs agents it will be kinda obvious to everyone around and sec/lawyer/curator wont really care too much about stopping them since they themselves are under no threat.

It’s also really hard to actually submit the bodies with the card and everything to the devils themselves, because there is no actual tracker or information for finding the devil. In the few round’s where I’ve been iaa, its been a struggle to actually give devils their souls, especially when they’re something like a miner or virologist and just sit on either lavaland or their office the whole round.

I like the idea of unique observer state, however and as an idea guy myself, i have my own spin on it:

There are 2 sides to the devil owning the souls:
The still alive agents
Deadeded agents

Now, if youve played any tabletop rpg, rhe demons can usually contact the contractee via dreams etc.

For the still alive agents, perhaps devil can use some sort of communication, it could be that the devil summons the ghost of the still alive player to talk, or its telepathy with extra steps (is not like a two way radio, maybe a single message requires a resource or there is a cooldown period) this could help with finding the devil if the agent is able to pray for the devil to contact it - the devil can refuse ofc.

As for the dead, i think a permanent observer state is not great, but it could be like the soul shard thing where you can release a ghost for a specific purpose, maybe you can spend a soul to curse a specific person, or a timed ghost state for scouting/info. Maybe the ghost needs to return to the devil to stay alive, but again this leaves the ghost scout in the hands of the player who we just round removed, so maybe its a ghost role instead of the exact player we RR’ed

Thank you for reading my idea guy rambling