Devin Earl beating a man and me

Byond Account: ABlackCucumber
Character Name(s): Exark-Zaur
Discord Name: Monke#8656
Round ID:12967
Griefer Byond account: i don't know
Griefer Byond name: Devin Earl
What happened:

A man named Devin Earl slashed me while he was in an owl suit, I think nothing of it. He then a couple minutes later start murdering the fuck outta my engineer buddy but the engi managed to kill them both with fire. I was already injured and I managed to set myself on fire, got into crit and another engi carried me to medbay. While I was being carried Devin came and attacked me and later killed me too.

He was a traitor that round with these objectives:

The traitors were:
Sraserdas was Devin Earl the Chemist and survived
(used 37 TC) [[image]Romerol
25 TC
Agent Identification Card
2 TC
Freedom Implant
5 TC
Codespeak Manual
3 TC

Objective #1: Assassinate Promethium LIII, the Prisoner. Success!
Objective #2: Steal the station blueprints. Success!
Objective #3: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody. Success!
The traitor was successful!

I would like to add to this report that he released romerol on the station.

kinda based

Dealt with thanks for the report