DevinXoptoh Ban apeal

Byond Account:Devin Xoptoh
Character Name(s): Chip Shafer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Devin1159
Round ID of Ban:18149
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):


State your appeal:

After a long time away from fulp, I have learnt that the mistakes that I carried out in that round are serious and the ban was correctly applied.
I have learnt that powergaming is a serious issue and that using the stuff available to me in science and not giving it up when deputised was the reason behind this ban, during my time off I have reflected on that behavior and seriously appologise for it.
If this ban appeal is denied, it is understood.
I will attempt to follow the rules if unbanned to the highest degree possible and if given any further bans I will not appeal as I will take this as my final chance to “redeem” myself for the past.

Maybe you’d be more comfortable with a server where the staff aren’t literally maniacs?

No reason to make this personal, any vendettas are not required in an appeal, that was also three months ago and a lot can change in that time.
At the time of writing that, I was quite mad regarding the whole situation

I posted it to give you a chance to apologize, not to make it personal or for you to make excuses. You’ve already been perma’d twice. We normally don’t give 3rd chances.