"Dick Harry" Self antag murder

Byond Account:Dieling
Character Name(s):Dick Harry
Discord Name:Dieling#0802
Round ID:14446
Griefer Byond account:0 clue
Griefer Byond name:0 clue
What happened: Dick harry (yes thats his name) had attacked and killed a random person at HOP line. He was brought to me (HOS) and had said his reasoning was that the man had looked ugly and he killed him. Round was a wiz round so he wasnt an antag and was self antaging. I accidently broke something on him tho while doing krav maga on him to shut him up cause he was getting annoying. I brought him to medbay and he spout profanities at me of course. That is all. I cannot provide screenshots since i wasnt at the situation  but i had the captain and numerous others plus end of round report stating first death to back it up.

Character name: Your ingame name
Griefer name: Their ingame name (Dick Harry)
Griefer BYOND account: Their ckey if you have it

Just so you know for future.

Dealt with!