Dinser's mentor application

Byond Account: Dinsers
Character Name(s): A-Camel-Spider, Diffs-The-Jungle (thanks Hecarim), Bander Lawless, Broden Bunlegs, Christopher Fulpen.
Discord Name: Dinsers
Age: 35
Timezone: EST
Active hours: Unfortunately varies from week to week due to a chaotic schedule. Generally am on discord via phone most hours of the day but play SS13 in the afternoon or evening depending.

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Due to prior work and hobby experience with impartiality ruling and confidentiality (D&D DMing for one!!) I think I would be interested however I do not think I could do the role justice given my chaotic schedule and would instead like to apply these skills to mentoring.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
On and off for just shy of a year now as of January. I started my SS13 trip on a friend’s recommendation with Goonstation however we very quickly changed to Fulpstation and i’ve been here ever since. As well, here are my current hours played in the various departments:

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I have spent a lot of my time into the service department via chef, bartender and some janitor experience so I would be most comfortable offering assistance in these departments. For example: tips and tricks for getting a kitchen started and keeping up with demand as well as making sure to keep food clean, how to check it and why it is important. When it comes to the bar due to the layout of some popular maps I can offer some fun suggestions or tips on turning the bar experience into a more dynamic and enjoyable time while benefiting the crew.

Recently I have begun spending time in medical and security as I have had some negative experiences in the past with these two. since then I have wanted to learn these roles more thoroughly so that I can learn how to help others (new or veteran alike) overcome similar issues when they come up. In medical I can perform most any surgery as a doctor (a bit slower without a computer but it’s getting better) know the benefits of cleaning up shop and have working knowledge of other systems within medical such as the cryo tube setup and plasma man needs. In terms of security, due to still being rather fresh to the games combat system I have mainly been discussing with the community/observing what behaviour and law application seems to best merit different situations and generally how the player base seems to react to certain approaches. Through this I think I could give good advice on some scenarios via mentor help.

Finally, I have been working on learning how to become an effective roboticist. I really enjoy the dynamic support that this role can bring to a station and how helpful it can be! Due to how many departments a roboticist can interact with and assist I have been putting a lot of footwork into exploring how I can help departments more, such as, medical with early shift bots, offering bots for security, having borgs up/positrons, the power of modsuits and more!

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
As a player I have noticed that while the player base is almost always very friendly and welcoming, I’ve seen some new players get abandoned or forgotten about due to people usually being on a mission and not wanting to lose time on their quest which, given the games nature, is perfectly understandable. I’d really like to take a further step in being available to help these new players get a foothold in something like I had when I started thanks to some very awesome people!

I have also noticed that many of the players like to fool around and generally have some fun which may not be seen as “fun” or might come off as grief to some due to the feelings the interaction might raise. Unfortunately, I was one such soul in the beginning of my SS13 journey. Since this however I have learned to enjoy this horseplay for what it is and hope that I can impart some of this knowledge or some “what to do in x interaction” with some newcomers!

PS: Sorry for the alphabet salad!


+1000, interacted with them in the server and discord a couple of times and they are one of the nicest fulpers you will meet, and would be a great helper to new players:)

-1 didnt play league with me yet

+2 cool guy
-1 didnt play league with bowlfork

D&D DMing for one!!

Important question regarding my assessment of this application your +1 from me weighs on your answer

3.5 or 5e

3.5!!! This is where my journey started! 5e is pretty cool and a lot more welcoming for new players and some veterans alike but I will always miss my glory days of 3.5 and pathfinder.

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Reeallly cool guy that is active on discord big +1 from me.


+1, a great guy who is not only active in the discord but in-game as well, always very approachable!

+1 very friendly, good vibes haver

+1, cool guy

Dinsers is a great guy all around, +1

This app is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!