Dirk Gadow, a griefer promoted to security

Byond Account: Solb
Charcter Name: Cameron Crayfish
Discord Name: Solbusaur#4343
Round ID: 10404
Griegefer byond account: N/A
Grudfer Byond name: Dirk Gadow

What happened:
I came on the shuttle and went into the back yellow room with my pluoxium canister a fellow atmos engineer gave me. I start lifting up the shuttle floor tiles to replace with normal floor tiles because I didn’t like the colour of the floor, so a guard comes in and starts batonning me for “Vandalism”. At first I think it’s all for a joke, but then he cuffs me. Ok, shitty security is stepping way over the line, but then I noticed he has an assistant’s PDA. He’s been promoted. I assume “Maybe he’s an antagonist. Uncool, but not against the rules”. My atmospherics friend who I asked help from was sort of just watching, letting this assistant get away with it. More red flags start to pop up as he strips me of my equipment. My radio, my tools, etc.
More people come in, siding with the guard. I don’t know why I didn’t tell them what was going on, it was near the end of the round and I knew they wouldn’t listen to me. Among them was a clown in a wheelchair though, who hit the guard with a rubber clown stamp. So in retaliation, Dirk Gadow stuns him too, cuffs him, and welds him in the locker. THEN WELDS ME IN TOO!

I think it was around this time that I ahelped about this guy. Dirk pushes the cabinet off the shuttle, presumably to leave me behind, to which I point out “We can’t even leave yet, look at the timer”.
He says “I know” and carries me out of departures and into science maints, where he closes the airlock behind me with a “Goodbye”. This guy wasn’t even an antagonist, the round had revs and he was mindshielded https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/690573406222942228/767156717770899476/unknown.png?width=1012&height=607

Thanks for the report, dealt with!