Discord ban appeal - Coldstrike64#4764

Byond Account: Coldstrike34
Character Name(s): Boston Jack
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Coldstrike64#4764
Round ID of Ban: discord ban

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): No message
State your appeal: Ok so about a few months back (i dont remember how long tbh) i got silently banned from the discord , i didn’t get any notifs from a bot or message from the person who banned me. ( maybe they did but i went offline for a a few days before i returned). At first i thought they had deleted the fulp server but when i asked, horatio said i was banned for asking a question about a word that got me banned. it was regarding an earlier issue where i named the station “coom station” i tried to argue that coom has other meanings except for (iykyk) but they said i knew what i was doing and that i should stop having that conversation with them regardng the judgement regarding my ban. Now cut to a few weeks later , i asked a similar question regarding the topic on #ask-mods. it was about the same word but not about the same issue regarding my earlier ban, i just needed clarification on something but i guess the admin in question still wasnt having it and banned me. I’m pretty sure other mods would’ve gladly answered it and i would’ve been on my way. Also for context of what we were talking about in #ask-mods, i was basically unsatisfied with my ban appeal response and tried to see if there was another way someone could intervene , i felt as if my point wasnt understood.

Also i should note i was not rude to them in anyway prior, when they told me to stop talking about it with them i stopped and later on when i asked the other question i was also very calm. I would’ve understood if i brought up the ban again but this time when i asked the question it was about me asking if the word could be used in regards to its actual meaning which has something to do with coal dust or something ( i really dont remember the full details of what i asked).

So uh yeah ,there was no bad intention behind my question, and i would really like to be let back into the server because its honestly hard trying to figure out certain stuff in-game . Next time i’ll just take my questions elsewhere so that everyone can just enjoy their time at fulp.

Did you think this was gonna help your appeal or

I didn’t think it would’ve affected my appeal at all to be honest seeing as my response was answering the second line and third line " Because it feels like people are leaving out details in their bans for epic reddit karma, now its the punching bag to get those sweet sweet internet points" but at this point i doubt you’d even care to believe me with all that has happened so im just going to leave you with that and wait for the admin thats supposed to take up my appeal. (assuming its not you because you’re the one that banned me from the discord).

And yes i do understand if you dont believe because yes reading it now anyone would assume i was agreeing that “yes fulp admins bad” but that was not my actual answer.

Not being impatient or being pushy (ive waited 7 days) but i just wanted to ask if this is still gonna get judged by an admin.

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Sorry was gone for a bit but I am denying this appeal no one comes back from a discord ban twice some people may assume staff are robots but we do know what coom means there is no convincing us otherwise you were banned because you wouldn’t stop arguing and rule lawyering between how you acted on discord and how you act here I’m denying this