Discord Ban Appeal - mischief?#9611

  • Byond Account: O_mischief
  • Character Name: Jacob Crown
  • Discord Name: mischief?#9611
  • Round ID of Ban: None, this is a discord ban.
  • Ban Message: None. I didn’t know I had been banned until I contacted a mentor (Duron#8203 on discord) and they quoted “He was banned today for repeatedly posting racial slurs” from the Fulp discord server.
  • State your appeal:
    I didn’t repeatedly post any racial slurs on Fulp discord. I asked Duron what my last message had been and it coincided with the last one I remember sending, so none have been deleted. I also didn’t receive any message about this so I’m almost sure this is a mistake made by someone. I’m quite confused, someone please look over this.

I was the banning admin, so I can’t officially deny this, but we keep an archive of when we discipline players on the Discord. Today was the second time you posted a video that violates our Discord server rule 1 (Game server rule 4).
For whoever ends up checking, the first was Golden talking to him on 20-Dec-20 and the other was Pyx talking to him 1-Jan-20. I did the ban (obviously).
We take racist content seriously, and it’s not hard to just… not do that.

I don’t even know the racist video in question. Again, I don’t remember posting any racist slur or any videos containing racist slurs. Also why wasn’t I told about the reason and lenght of the ban?

We’re pretty good of keeps logs of everything this was the video then the message was deleted. We really are 0 tolerance with racism its not ok in any way. I’m sad this happened since I remember you from a long time ago but you’ve been warned in the past. So denied.