Discord ban: Good_Days13

Discord Name: Good_Days13#8153
Ban Reason: I think it's for saying inappropriate things and ban evasion.
(The other stuff doesn't seem to be needed for discord bans. Tell me if I'm wrong.)

I said the stuff almost a month ago, and I won’t do it anymore. And with the ban evasion, I’m sorry. I got impatient and curious and couldn’t help it. I’m sorry I evaded, and I won’t do it again. During this ban, I have taken the time to read the rules more in-depth than I had before and will try to follow them more closely. I can be a good boy, I swear. The past is in the past, and if this does get accepted, I will try to act better.


We’ll accept this and give you another chance but we really mean it no more valid hunting / grey tiding. You will be on probation meaning if you get banned again it wont start all over at a 3 day.