Discord Unban Appeal Alucard Hellsing Second Try

Byond Account: Krzysztof333
Character Name(s): Alucard Hellsing 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Krzysiu#1734 
Round ID of Ban: None Discord Ban
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Discord Ban
State your appeal:

Hello! My name is Alucard Hellsing

I got banned on discord for being a total pain in the ass. But i would really like to ask all of entire staff to givie me another try, I know that staff dosen’t want me around here too much for my racist sexist and homophobic attiltude from past.
I would really like to ask all of entire staff for another chance to prove that i changed.

I feel very sorry for everything bad i have done while playing fulpstation. I would really like to apologise to Katherine, Manray Horatio and entire staff for all the pain I made.

Even if it will be denied I wish you all great time and future ass staff of fulpstation.

Although these all contributed to your ban, this isn’t, ultimately, why you were kicked, and I suspect you know that.

Yes. I know and i remember all the nsfw stuff i posted as numbers and all other things that i sent on discord and to other users. And I am really sorry for that.

Still gonna dance around it, huh? You used our playerbase to shill for another server that is openly hostile toward us and attempted to (and successfully) crashed us multiple times. I’m pretty sure I was the banning admin, so I’ll keep out of this appeal, but we have no reason to think that you’re not here to do the same thing, and you have been given many, many chances in regards to hate speech. Sometimes when you burn bridges, you have to accept the fact that you’re not going to be welcome back.

Well i didnt knew anything about any crashes i came back to Space station 13 like 3 days ago i wasnt talking with any of Egor staff for a long time Yes im still on their discord But im not even using it if there ia a way to send you when i was playing On beyond i would gladly send it.

This is screen of last time i posted anything On tegu if you see its very outdated

After reviewing this appeal and going though your past messages on our discord I’m going to have to deny this. You where given warning about inappropriate behavior and NSFW pictures then chose to message other players advertising another server this is a directly against the Discord terms of service advertising a third party element in direct messages you have not only broken our servers rules but broken the discord rules we cannot allow you back onto the discord now or anytime in the future.

Just for reference, this is very accurate to just how your argument went…

Polish Argument