Discord unban appeal Alucard Hellsing

Byond Account:Krzysztof333
Character Name(s):Alucard Hellsing
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Alucard#1734
State your appeal: I am very sorry for doing what i done in discord server with promoting other server i would really like to get back to fulpstation discord i promise i wont do this again, i am really sorry for what i have done

I did the ban, so I won’t be handling this appeal, but you caused nothing but problems on the Discord before your ban; you were warned and shedded several times for (mostly homophobic) hate speech, and from what I’ve heard from other players, you were banned from another SS13 Discord for sexual content since your ban here. This seems like a pattern of behavior to me.

Well maybe another year i will try

Normally I try to put this lightly to save people the embarrassment of trying to appeal a ban but you’ve publicly made a horses ass of yourself time and time again. You aren’t sorry that you were toxic on the discord and you aren’t sorry for being constantly homophobic, you just realized that fulp isn’t the only server that frowns upon these kind of behaviors. Lets take a look at some of the reasons you went to the shed.


The date you were banned was 10/23 I dont for a second believe you went thought any character growth in the spam of 93 days. Mass dming people on our server was the straw that broke the camels back you were already a nightmare to baby sit in the discord and on the server I would love to hear one compelling argument with an example of how you’ve grown/changed as a person.

Lastly for the fun of it lets look at some of the things you posted in your time with us!

This is one of my personal favorites the top two messages are from the shed the bottom one is from public chat

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Hmm ye i see thats kinda alot

I wish you good luck maybe when more time passes i will try again. Have a good time o7

Honestly, probably not worth it. Closing this.