Dna Console Blues

So I’ve been playing SS13 for a couple of months now and decided to expand on my skill set by playing Geneticist. Which is great fun! However I’ve noticed a weird thing that I assumed was an intended game mechanic but after talking with another geneticist it turns out maybe something has gone wrong.

When I de-monkiefy (humanise?) the monkey and start solving the sequence minigame to unlock mutations once I solved one it’ll announce the name of the mutation but in under a second the solved game appears to reset like I scrambled it (the mutation will be the same but with a different gene sequence) and I’ll lose the ability to save it to the console or print out an activator or mutator.

Also I’m unable to create the custom injectors. I can make a new one and name it and the name appears in the dropdown to add a mutation to it but I’m not able to actually add them to the injector. The same geneticist mentioned earlier also had the same issue on the DNA console and was unable to add things to the custom injector so whatever the issue is seems to effect the console itself.

I’d hate to abandon genetics but it does get very frustrating for me and I’d love a solution or suggestion.

Sounds like you are clicking too fast and changing the sequence after you solve it so you can no longer save it.

I thought it might be that too but I always leave a few moments after a new combination in case it’s correct and need to lightning the mouse cursor to where the “save to console” button is going to appear.

I was the other geneticist, and i can confirm that whatever console this guy touches becomes hella bugged and unusable.
Seems to be a client side problem that actually corrupts things server side, since i couldn’t properly use the console he touched either.

I think it’s been solved! Turns out giving the monkeys mutadone seemed to glitch it out for me as they are technically humanised but not through deactivating the monkeyfication gene via the console? It’s all worked properly since then.

Seems to work as intended then. Mutadone removes all mutations for as long as it’s in the system. So whenever you discovered a mutation the mutadone still in the monke’s system removed it, hence your problem. 50 units is the default in the mutadone pills that spawn in genetics and it can take a while before all 50 units are out of the system. Always deactivate instead of feeding them mutadone.

You can use Mutadone for the monkeys. However, there’s a process. Fill a beaker 4 times with water ‘40u’ and then dissolve a mutadone pill into it to fill it the rest of the way. This solution can be used with a dropper targeting the eyes and set to 2u to both hydrate a monkey cube and then, with a second dose, demonkify the monkey. And with a 2u dose, after less than thirty seconds, your new demonkified subject is ready for experimentation.

-Source: Veteran geneticist.

oh my god i did this once, dont humanise them with the mutadone pills because what they do is remove all mutations and itll stay in their system for a bit so whenever you complete a mutation the mutadone will yeet it

Again, if you dissolve the pill into a beaker, use a dropper, and aim for eyes with the dropper set at 2u, you will be able to do genetics very quickly.