Doctor Murders and Mutilates at Random

Byond Account:Chumpywumpus
Character Name(s):Aaliyah Wise
Discord Name:Garfollini the Sated(Chumpy)
Round ID:19199
Griefer IC name: Pedro Vasilyev
Griefer Byond account (if known):N/A

What happened:I was spectating and noticed Pedro had killed and beheaded a bartender. My initial thought was that they were a traitor with the behead objective and thought nothing of it. Later the Chief Engineer witnessed what Pedro had done and was promptly attacked and killed/beheaded in a similar fashion. At this point I ahelped but there was no active admins at the time. At the same time, Pedro had run into maintenance before coming across another cargo who they attacked and killed in a similar manner to the other two. Round end report revealed Pedro did not even have an antagonist role and had murdered three people for no reason.

Dealt with, thank you for bringing it up.