Does sec really need chem nades?

Byond Account: ShadowAKT

Character Name(s): Radon III

Discord Name: ShadowAKT

Round ID: 11878

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name: Alshin Al Bashar

What happened:
So, at the beginning of the round, a sec officer came ask for “cool nades” I of course said no. Later sec comes back demanding that I open the chem lab, I assume for nades again, so I once again say no. Alshin Al Bashar( a warden btw) gains access batons me, and brigs me for 8 minutes while leaving my cuffs on, for what I can only presume is from not letting them make grenades. About 6 minutes into the sentence, Alshin Al Bashar pulls me out and says, “you will make us emp grenades”. I of course say, “no mate”. He then proceeds to stun me again, take off my internals tank, and leave me cuffed so I can’t turn it back on. This causes me to have be taken to med, where my ID gets stolen(I assume by Alshin Al Bashar to make emps). No HoP means no way to reach my hard work in the chem lab.

I did Ahelp in-game, but that was before I got my internals removed and ID stolen.

All taken care of thank you!