Doesn't-The-Talk - General shittery as mime

Byond Account: SgtHunk

Character Name(s): Enrico Pucci

Discord Name: Edgy Boi#0167

Round ID: 12022

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Doesn’t-The-Talk

What happened: Doesn’t-The-Talk, as a non-antagonist mime, engaged in rulebreaking behavior. It began with him getting brigged 3 minutes in (99% sure he baited sec into arresting him), and from there it was all downfall. The captain (who was a fellow lizard) gave him a captain gear after Doesn’t trespass into Captain’s office.

Afterwards, running around with all of that gear, he decided that the best idea was to try and break into science.

Finally getting in from a scientist unknowingly open the door, he takes something from robotics and disposals’ himself to Cargo. Where he shoves a lizard (Nush-Kajul, was it?) into the chute bin so he ended in the disposals maintenance. His shenanigans continued after he was let out, running into Engineering access in an attempt to trespass. He waited until the captain who was passing by opened the airlocks, which was followed by him rushing the Techfab and printing himself an RCD.

Then, seeing CE’s office open, inviswall’s himself in before then running away. Having obtained an RCD, he waits outside the brig for the airlocks to open from the officers passing by, and of course, using the tool he just got, decides to make A LOT OF AIRLOCKS at the Brig Access.

Sec got him and gave him 3 minutes. Oh right, he also had sechuds while he was getting brigged from running into Brig Control and yoinking them from the rack.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Minutes after being released by an Officer (who literally ended the mime’s sentence early), he goes to the Central primary hallway, and yet again, begins making airlocks with the RCD. Where he gets promptly arrested.

The final offense I witnessed was him locking himself in HOP and trying to give himself AA, failing to do so after the console wasn’t logged in.

Doesn’t-The-Talk is an absolute painful mime to observe, I swear every time I see him he’s baiting officers or inviswalling areas just to be an annoyance.

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I can also vouch that this is not the first time he’s done this. Every time I see him, he’s either antagonizing security, getting arrested for doing so, or is catatonic because security arrested them.
They always do it in the same manner too, they’ll go assault an officer or try to prevent an officer from arresting someone, get arrested while spin/flip/clap/laugh/giggle spamming, then when put in a cell, try to invisible wall the officer in the cell with them, then when they’re finally serving their timer, they’ll spam point at some random nearby officer then to their timer constantly with the point hotkey to try to get them to let them out while using me “weeps” and “cries”.

I can also attest to this mime blatant breaching core rules. In previous rounds, I have witnessed this mime spamming airlocks and purposefully antagonising/inconveniencing security, just to do it again after being released.

Haven’t we learned that Tongue Tied is the only good mime by now?


Thank you so much for providing screenshots for all of this; this went from a very difficult investigation to a very easy one. This has been taken care of. Thanks!