DonMan ban appeal

  • Byond Account: DonMan12
  • Character Name(s): Chris treiger
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Donk#4450
  • Round ID of Ban: 9863
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
    State your appeal: I was angry I didn’t roll chaplain and I knew I had to go off in half an hour, So I smashed his bulbs and went into his back office to start a ritual circle for fun. As i was leaving the admin teleported me, I told him i was gonna fix the shit. I didn’t have a box of bulbs on me so I had to leave the chaplain to get that but he just banned me instead.

You claim you had to go in half an hour and thus didn’t have enough time, yet you claimed to have also enough time to fix all his shit?

I did that in 10 minutes, I have enough time to walk to engineering and grab a box of bulbs.
I’m just wanting the ban to be shortened atleast since my case isn’t really that good but I was gonna fix the stuff before I left.

It is sad to see, that you let your anger get the best of you. But if you told the admin you where going to fix the shit, he/she should have teleported you out, and waited to see you fix every thing.

If you did then he would probably just of left a admin remark.

So in shot, the admin is not in the wrong but he/she should have gave you a chance to redem your self.

Well there’s also the case that they shouldn’t have done this to begin with even if they promised to repair things.

I stated above that I mentioned it to the admin but they just banned me. I’m not an avid roleplayer and I don’t understand since i’m new to ss13. I have looked at the rules but the keywords used there I feel are meant for people who actually know what they mean. A 3 day ban is quite a lot for breaking 4 lights and I feel like it should be shortened because of that.

Bruh I got a three day ban for flashing two chemist. I think it because 3 days is the lowest ban time they can give for breaking law 2.

It’s a shame that you got banned for that. I don’t think that should be the case though? a 3 day ban shouldn’t of happened if a flash lasts for like 2 seconds.

Yeah I tryed to get it appealed, but the fulp forum was down, so they used this google forum system thing.
That dosent tell you nor shows you replys. So for the next three days i was just left guessing if any one got the appeal.

I feel like I should also expand on to my questionable acts.
I had broken all the lights in the chapel because of my annoyment, I’ve already stated I would repair it.
I had took a candle pack on the chapel desk and was gonna make a ritual circle in his back office.
I feel the ban should be lifted or shortened because In the end I was gonna fix the lights and leave, I didn’t harm the person directly I merely made their room be dark.
I regret letting my anger get the best of me.

While what you did was relatively minor greytiding, the fact stands that it was done maliciously with the intent of ruining the round for another player because you were upset that you didn’t get the role you wanted which is why you were given a ban. This behavior was completely asinine and more befitting a preschool than a game for teenagers and adults.

This is a clear violation of core rule 2 on metagrudging, which you have been warned about previously. This ban was applied correctly, so your appeal is denied. Go re-read our rules and come back when it expires.

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